Spark .22 Caliber Rimfire Silencer


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All NFA Regulations apply: Please be aware of the wait time and paperwork involved in obtaining a silencer before purchase. Please email us your dealers contact information (with order #) within 3 days of purchase so we can get the transfer paperwork started.

The Spark rimfire silencer is Liberty Precision Machine’s first entrance into the silencer market. Anyone can build a moderately quiet rimfire silencer, but to really distinguish oneself from the rest of the market requires a lot of effort, patience, and testing. After countless hours of research and development, we have finally developed a rimfire silencer that meets our high and exacting standards-one that we are proud to put our name on.

Unwilling to compromise, we set out to design a strong, lightweight, easy to clean, and most importantly, insanely quiet silencer. At a compact 5.35″ in length and a lightweight 4.8 ounces, the Spark provides class leading performance in a short and lightweight package. If it wasn’t the best on the market, we would refuse to make it. 

A proprietary baffle stack, engineered with poka-yoke design principles, creates a non-symmetrical 3 lobe seal geometry between the baffles that allows for easy disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly-ensuring the baffle stack will go back together correctly every time. The unique baffle design provides a deep tone that is extremely pleasant to the human ear. The use of a titanium tube, titanium end caps, and 17-4 PH stainless steel baffles provides an optimal balance between weight, strength, and ease of cleaning.  

Features and Specs:

  • 1.07″ Diameter
  • 5.35″ long
  • 4.8 oz
  • 1/2×28 thread pitch
  • Black Cerakote™ finish
  • Rated for 22LR, 17 WSM, 17 HMR, 22 WMR, 22 Hornet, 5.7x28MM
  • No barrel length restrictions
  • Front end cap can be removed using the Dead Air Mask disassembly tool, CGS Group disassembly tool, or a 15/16″ wrench.
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty covers everything except willful destruction and normal wear and tear.

Performance data:

  • *113-114 DB on 5” 22LR pistol using CCI Standard
  • *108-109 DB on 16” 22LR rifle using CCI Quiet 22 Subsonic
  • *125-126 DB on 21” .17 HMR rifle using Hornady 17gr V-MAX

*DB numbers measured 1 Meter left of muzzle using Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter, third party testing in accordance with the Silencer Sound Standard™ will come soon and once published, will supplant all other previous testing data.



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